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Join these unlikely heroes on their misadventures to save the
kingdom of Eramore from Lord Magnus.

Chivalry is dead. The knights of Eramore have been defeated long ago in the war against Magnus. With the king in hiding, Lord Magnus now holds uncontested power over the land.

Leading an army of goblin minions Lord Magnus unearthed ancient technology. Creating rigs to steal the worlds life force; magic. And as a result of his tampering he has thrown off the balance of nature and the boundaries that separate one world from another are weakened.

Through space and time a boy from a parallel dimension finds himself in an alien world. His first encounter in Eramore rests in the idealistic hands of Walter, an ordinary citizen who feels the boy’s presence is a sign from Promethia- the goddess. The boy is to be his squire as he mounts up to restore balance and stop Magnus’s tyrannical reign.

Jake Deibler Eramore Artist writer and creator. Jake Deibler

Comic strips are a magnificent art form that invite readers to share a few seconds of their time for a laugh or critical thought. Growing up I was in love with the comics section in the newspaper.

The story of Eramore started as an experiment and is the result of 15 years of practice and experimenting with the sequential art form. Over the years, I have learned that being able to draw interesting and funny characters was only half of it. The most important half is breathing life into them by developing and cultivating a voice. All the art for Eramore is pencil drawn then inked. Next it is scanned into the computer and digitally painted. I continue to learn and apply new techniques as times goes by. I hope you enjoy Eramore as much as I enjoy creating it.

Eramore is a linear progressive story that moves along a timeline. However, there will be random strips and gags related to the cartoon but not necessarily in sequential order. I do this for two reasons. One: while writing, a good idea hits, daring me to approach it and work it into a gag for the strip. Two: a daily comic strip should stand alone. My goal is to have the readers spend a few seconds of their day with the characters. Even if they have never heard of Eramore they can still appreciate a touch of humor.

For me, ideas are like rough stones that need to be polished. Sometimes it starts off as a funny image in my mind. For example, I see a vision of sir Walter chased by bees. Now I have to think of a way to make it relate to the theme and characters and of course make it funny.

Some ideas start as a feeling. For example, I want to make a strip that is like an explosion moving across the paper that ends in tragedy. What comes to mind is starting off with our hero’s charging in on their horses. Followed by an unexpected consequence. This can be achieved by action illustrations. Words aren’t always necessary for good humor.

I am always writing down these sorts of potential concepts so when it’s time to make a new strip there is material to pull from instead of just empty space. Staring at a blank piece of paper can be intimidating sometimes, but I find if there’s a well-stocked library of subconscious cues, arranging the pieces is much easier.

When making a strip for Eramore I think of an abstract concept that I want to express. Then think of a way to show that in action. To say in dialogue “Sir Walter is a goofy idealistic knight that is courageous” still remains a floating abstraction. It has to be shown in action for it to become a reality- by using concrete examples. Sir Walter needs to be seen being brave and clumsy. I always try to avoid talking heads with witty banter unless it helps to concretize the point being conveyed. Art is a very selective process. Making everything the artist includes intentional.

So, I want to invite you and all of your friends, family, distant relatives, acquaintance’s and enemies to join me in this quest. All of your feedback suggestions and input will be received with open arms. Welcome to the world of Eramore!

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