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Sir Walter

Knighted himself. He believes to be called upon by the goddess for the daunting task of saving Eramore. He’s a boisterous, superstitious, errant-knight who upholds the code of chivalry to a fault. Slightly mad.

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First of his name, Hero was in the woods back home when he fell down into a hole in a cave. Waking up from the fall, everything's changed. He’s a skeptical, naive squire training to become a knight. Hero is the voice of reason in between the ideological ravings of sir Walter.

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Lord Magnus

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Raising an army of miscreants, the down trodden creatures of Eramore by giving them a purpose. Magnus holds the realm under an iron clad grip. He believes he is making Eramore better by sharing it and its secrets equally. Instead, his quest for control and power, is destroying it.

Princess Celista sexy pose with flower hands over head


Daughter of lord Magnus, Celista is a gentle spirit in love with life and nature. Her interests are always in conflict with her father’s. Celista is half human, half monster. Her mother Lily was a human who died by accident while Magnus was experimenting with the darker magic. Her spirit returned to the stream of life despite Magnus's efforts to save her. He was only able to salvage part of her energy...the baby Celista. The loss for Magnus was what initiated the war on Eramore and the goddess Promethia.

Oog the goblin cheering with fish bone sword in the air


A chaotic Goblin.

Eramore- Oog Funny goblin chasing chicken
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